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Questions to Ask Your Agent

While every scenario is unique, there are certain questions that stick out as a real estate agent that I get asked most often. Whether it’s before we get a home listed, before we start searching for a new house, during the transaction process, or in general about how the process works. Below are a few of my most frequently asked questions. Of course, if you don’t see your question below or have any additional questions, I’m always here to help answer!

How many homes should I look at before buying?

While there is no correct number, most buyers find their dream home by searching an average of 4-8 homes. However, I’ve had buyers find the right home on the first try, or they search for years, scouring hundreds of homes. Don’t let the search wear you down though. As your agent, it’s my job and pleasure to take you through as many as you’d like until you find the perfect house.

How quickly can I close?

Typical home closings take between 30-60 days. This allows for a proper due-diligence period for the buyer as well as the home loan organization and title companies. However, certain scenarios may take less time (i.e. a cash offer without contingencies, vacant or land property).

Should I get a home inspection?

A home inspection is a necessary part of the process when purchasing a home. An inspection gives buyers the opportunity to understand the operating and physical condition of a property ahead of a purchase. This gives buyers additional negotiating power during the closing process Even if the conditions of the sale don’t allow for negotiations, a buyer can go into the transfer of ownership with a greater understanding of the necessary repairs or maintenance items that need attention.

Should I get a home warranty?

This is completely up to the home buyer during the purchase process. However, depending on a few scenarios, a home warranty is advised. And depending on the property, a home seller may offer a warranty as part of the marketing appeal. For a new build, a warranty may not be necessary as a builder may offer certain coverages for the mechanical systems and structural components. For an existing house, a home inspection is typically ordered ahead of the warranty to get a better understanding of age of the systems and appliances. Warranties are usually an affordable way to give an extra sense of comfort during the first year of ownership.

How my home be priced?

I get this question every time I meet with potential sellers — which is wonderful! It is my responsibility to help you arrive at a price that is fair to the market and is m your best financial interest. However, to arrive there, it’s a complex analysis of home condition, the market, your standing, and my expertise in selling hundreds of homes. I will come to your house prepared with a range, but look forward to the conversation about your desired pricing goals.


Oh, by the way, I’m never too busy for your referrals! Let your friends and family know I’d love to work with them!

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