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Questions to Ask Your Agent

While every scenario is unique, there are certain questions that stick out as a real estate agent that I get asked most often. Whether it’s before we get a home listed, before we start searching for a new house, during the transaction pro...

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Fun things to do for the holidays around Omaha (COVID-Friendly!)

Fun things to do for the holidays around Omaha (COVID-Friendly!) It’s no doubt that this year has been different in a whole myriad of ways, but we are all craving the normalcy and comfort of the upcoming holiday season. Luckily in our city...

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Tips for Buying a Home During a Pandemic

While I never planned content like this, I’ve certainly been asked this question a lot: “how is the Coronavirus impacting the real estate market?” From clients to discussions I’ve had with my colleagues, there’s so much uncertainty ar...

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Easy and Affordable At Home Updates

While Spring is normally full of renovations, repairs, and just general home updates, circumstances may be making home projects a bit of a challenge. However, below is a list of simple updates you can do around the house for $50 or less! Flo...

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A Look Back at My Last Ten Years in Real Estate

A lot can be said about the year 2020 — from welcoming in the brand new decade to having fresh eyes for the years ahead, the turn of the new year brought a lot of emotions and excitement to everyone. For me, I had the moment of ‘oh my gos...

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Getting Your Home Prepped for a Spring Sale

Getting Your Home Prepped for a Spring Sale Here in Omaha, we’ve been fairly lucky with a mild winter weather season. Spring seems to be just around the corner and that’s especially true with the real estate market! We all know that the ...

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Neighborhood Feature: Regency Omaha

Neighborhood Feature: Regency, Omaha Nestled in between the major arteries of Omaha lies a neighborhood so iconic that the community is both a destination and also a marker of long storied traditions. Known for the tree-lined winding boulevard...

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2020: Predictions for the Year to Come

2020: Predictions for the Year to Come With the New Year comes resolutions, aspirations, and goals for what the twelve months will bring. Plus, with this being a whole brand new decade as well, it’s hard to not be extremely hopeful of the ye...

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Full Reveal – 9732 Fieldcrest Drive

Along the winding boulevards of Regency is a home unlike any other. 9732 Fieldcrest Drive is a newly renovated home with a completely reimagined sense of purpose The area itself is a beautiful blend of classic well-maintained homes, lots that h...

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8 Outstanding Features in a Great Home Purchase Offer

As a home seller you’d like to find yourself in the enviable position of having multiple offers to consider. Once offers start rolling in, here are some common contract features that might indicate the buyer is serious about getting to clo...

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