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Curb Appeal

Despite the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” we do. The same holds true in real estate. Homes with higher curb appeal net higher prices. If you want to attract more buyers, spend some time looking at your house from across the street or in a slow moving vehicle. Does it look well kept? It needs to.

Here are some simple ways to achieve great curb appeal without overinvesting. And remember, at our first meeting, you and I will walk around your property together to decide how to enhance the curb appeal to attract the most buyers and net the highest price.


Fill one or two architectural pots with colorful plants that make a statement at the entrance.

Add a classic look to the yard by planting rounded boxwoods.

Clean up existing plant beds, prune bushes and trim tree branches.

Add some flower boxes on front porch railing and under windows.

Place edging around flower beds.

Clean up after pets.

Mow the lawn.

Place mulch under trees where plants seldom grow due to shade.

Plant one or two trees to frame the house.

Ensure sprinklers and outside faucets are in working order.

Camouflage outdoor electric boxes by painting them the color of the house.

Hang up, or store hoses.

Hide the air conditioning unit with plants or a lattice wood fence.

Place a weather resistant birdbath or bench in the yard.

Move the garbage cans, yard equipment and toys inside the garage.

Clean and restain the deck


Wash windows inside and out.

Repair torn screens.

Straighten shutters, or consider adding faux shutters to the front windows.

Replace any cracked windows.

Evaluate window treatments from the street. Do they need updating or replacement? Can they be eliminated?

Front Door

Paint or stain the front door an inviting color that matches the house. A popular trend right now are bright and poppy blue or yellow doors.

Wash the front door, at the very least.

Frame the front door with molding at the sides and top.

Add a storm door for more insulation.

Update the front door light fixture to illuminate house and for safety.

Replace the welcome mat.

Tile the doorstep.

Update the door hardware. Modernize it by replacing or spray painting it. Brass is no longer on trend. Coordinate style with outdoor lighting fixtures.

Add a door knocker. Stay away from named knockers. These need to be replaced when homeowners change.

Sweep cobwebs off house and eaves.

Check railings. Are they safely attached? Do they need upgrading?

Ensure the house number is visible. Size and font matter. Upgrade, if needed, and match the house number finish to your exterior lighting finish.

Clean debris from the porch; make it appear roomy and welcoming


Remove extra vehicles from the driveway.

Repair or reseal cracked asphalt.

Stain concrete or cover with flagstones.

Edge with bricks, pavers or stone to present crisp look and keep vehicles off the lawn.

Sweep the driveway.

Light the pathway to your door. Soft exterior solar lighting makes the home seem inviting, increases safety and highlights landscaping.

Pressure wash the house and driveway, and outdoor accessories—even the plastic garbage cans and grill


Install a new mailbox.

Paint the wooden post the house’s exterior color.

Ensure the house numbers are properly affixed and are in good shape if displayed.

Create a beautiful flowering garden around it.

Big box home stores have pre-packaged kits to update mailboxes.


Scrub the garage door clean.

Wood stain aluminum garage doors for a rustic look.

Consider painting it a vibrant color.


Clean or paint it.

Replace or repair loose latches and broken or sagging gates.

Consider adding a fence, if none present.


Replace missing, faded and curled shingles.

Hire a professional to assess and clean the roof.

Other Exterior Updates

Cover exposed foundation with ready-made stacked stone veneer panels.

Refasten sagging gutters or replace worn gutters and downspouts.

Replace all cracked and rotting materials.

Are you ready to list your home for sale? Let’s evaluate the curb appeal and get started!

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