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A Look Back at My Last Ten Years in Real Estate


A lot can be said about the year 2020 — from welcoming in the brand new decade to having fresh eyes for the years ahead, the turn of the new year brought a lot of emotions and excitement to everyone. For me, I had the moment of ‘oh my gosh, this is my ten year mark as a real estate agent.’ I didn’t know whether to start feeling old or whether I was finally realizing I made real estate not only my career, but my passion. Or maybe it was a bit of both.

As I reflected upon this milestone, I realized that a lot of those reading this have never known me as anything else. I know I joke that I’m a workaholic and that I live and breathe real estate, but if I’m being honest, it’s hard to imagine my life without this crazy career, even myself.

As for most in the business, I never expected to be an agent, let alone one who would have made it my passion. Graduating from UNL (Go Huskers!) with a marketing degree, I set off into the world fully expecting to be in a 9-5 brainstorming the next great campaign at a sleek agency. However, as most fresh out of college, I realized what I was doing in school wasn’t fitting the vision for how I wanted to live my life.

As I approached my mid-twenties and having to switch careers to start studying real estate, it was hard to understand what the future would hold. If the leap would be worth it.

I found the most success with leaning on those I value most, my friends and family. The first couple of years in business can be a challenge for anyone, let alone those in sales. My network of champions still to this day are the bedrock of my business. I know I drill in ‘referrals are always appreciated’ but truly without those around me, sharing my card, sharing my name, I don’t think I would be nearly as successful as I am now. And success to me means very different things than most.

Something that I hold deeply in my heart is that throughout the first year all the way through now, I never feel that I’m too busy to help someone. For me, it’s not about trying to cram as many showings in a day or stacking appointments with soon-to-be sellers, it’s about the families and individuals I meet with and seeing where I can lend my insight, my experience into their story. I am just as thrilled to meet with someone selling their $30k plot of land as the million dollar listings. Everything is just as fun, I still get the same thrill the moment that offer is accepted. Success for me is seeing my seller or buyer after the closing table, some with tears in their eyes as they are holding the keys or the closing papers—the feeling that you truly helped someone is what it’s all about.

Real estate is addicting. You yourself may have even considered being an agent (or you are one). And let me tell you, I can’t recommend it enough!

Even with the highs and lows, I’m so grateful to be a part of this insane world of real estate. I’m not sure exactly how things will evolve, what technology I can bring to my clients, or how I will continue to bring my passion to the community around me, but I hope you’re right there with me!

Cheers to the next decade and beyond!

– Megan

Favorite Moments:
– Berkshire 2020 ReCharge Real Estate Conference (making the top 5!)
– Being a part of the ReTHINK Team
– The turning point in my career is when I signed on with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
(And I owe a lot of my success to my broker Vince! His energy, excitement, and willingness to be an incredible mentor catapulted my drive for the business)
– I’ve been so blessed with the greatest clients over the years and am so grateful — the experience with my clients is what gives me energy!

Biggest Flubs:
– My first year in the business, I set my keys down on the table and we walked outside. The doors automatically locked — so with no keys, no phone, the buyer and I had to wait an hour for the seller to come home!

My Aspirations:
– To continually give more back each year to the community
– To continue to help those around me with their buying/selling needs and to build long lasting relationships
– There’s always so much to learn! I’m looking forward to the many years to grow not only as an agent but to grow into a better person!


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